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The Frame

The frames are made of lightweight and flexible titanium metal that easily slide thru the ear pad of the helmet or headset. The frames contour the head and allows for the seal of noise canceling earpieces to be maintained. The light weight and lack of pressure points on the head allow the user to wear the glasses for extended periods without fatigue and discomfort.

The unique design of the temple and nose pieces adds durability and strength to the glasses that other rimless sunglasses lack. The “triangle” design of the temple and the “x” of the nose piece act as a truss system similar to that used in aircraft wing design, allowing for maximum strength with minimum weight and bulk.

The “wrap” or curvature of the frames and lens allows sun protection for the wearer’s peripheral vision as well as forward facing.

Just how tough are these glasses? We recently shot a video of them being attached to a watermelon and dropped out of an airplane! Click here to view the video and check out the results!

The Frame Click photo to enlarge.