How fast is too fast?

It was a dark and stormy night…or something like that.  It is raining, hard.  You got caught out on your bike and just want to get home where it is warm and dry.  Fast.  But how fast is too fast?   Nine times the square root of your tire pressure.    What?

Hydroplaning occurs when you are going fast enough that the tire no longer touches the road surface.  Instead, the tire rides on the top of the water surface and you lose the ability to steer.   If there is standing water on the road surface the approximate speed at which you will hydroplane is calculated by the formula 9 times the square root of the tire pressure.  So if your tires are filled to 36 psi you will hydroplane at 54 M.P.H. (9 x SQRT of 36 = 54).  This equation words for bikes, cars, and airplanes.

So if you are trying to go fast with water on the road you are practically guaranteed to lose control if you exceed our formula speed for hydroplaning.  But beware; oil on the road, a painted surface, etc. can still take you out at much lower speeds.  As always, caution should prevail.

If you have any corrections, bitches or gripes go ahead and fire at us.  We appreciate having you here and welcome the discussion.

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