Why wearing polarized sunglasses can kill you.

These are essentially polarized sunglasses:

Polarized sunglasses block visible light as it comes in from an angle other than straight in at the eyes.  It is as though you were looking through the slats of a vertical blind.  If you are in a beach chair looking at the ocean or are on a boat trying to catch the big one, you can’t beat polarized lenses.

However, if you are going Mach 5 with your hair on fire sitting on or in a high performance machine you want to see that slick spot as it looms ahead of you.  Polarized glasses would obscure the subtle differences in road conditions and oil or ice spots you would want to adjust for.

On the slopes?  Same rules apply.  That ice patch you need to carve extra for or that line in the bumps you are trying to find are a lot harder to see with polarized lenses.

How about our flyers?  The FAA strongly recommends against use of polarized lenses.  Not only do they obscure digital gages and IPads, they interact with the windscreens to make a rainbow effect on the glass.

Then what is all the rage for polarized lenses?   There are definitely both high quality lenses and crappy lenses out there.  Good marketing years ago moved the majority of the sunglasses towards polarized lenses and the buying public came to believe that it was the superior technology.  Since most of the best lenses happen to be polarized, polarized lenses became the best of what was available to choose from.  Lately, some of the better sunglass manufactures are beginning to recognize the merits of non-polarized lenses and are beginning to offer great lenses in glasses that are not polarized.

Regardless of the lenses you chose, polarized or non-polarized, it would be foolish to not at least choose a lens that offers UVA and UVB protection for the long term safety of your sight.  Of course, if you want a great non-polarized sunglasses option we feel that Ra Vision Gear offers the best sunglasses available.

If you have any corrections, bitches or gripes go ahead and fire at us.  We appreciate having you here and welcome the discussion.

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